Case Studies


VirtuaTel is a leading automated survey company from the UK with their business spread world over. They collect all the survey data that their clients carry out, run the survey quality checks and display analysis.

Their old systems were failing with increasing data. They hired us to overhaul their old systems and we did overhaul them without letting the existing systems going down for a day. We also developed an advanced customizable dashboards and reporting system for them which increased their business multifolds.

Technology Used

DCRMS Dial100

DCRMS Dial100 is the system which people call whenever they are in any kind of distress. This system is a highly essential for law and order of a city and due to this, it needs to be highly efficient, reliable and fast. The system consists of various pieces apart from the software.

The pieces like vehicle tracking, server management, networking and many such activities were done on war footing. Apart from this, the system needs to handle large amount of data, generate various analytical reports and still be highly efficient. And the current system is all this and more.

Technology Used


ExitTicket is a student response system and data tracker that allows teachers to give real-time checks for understanding during class through the use of any WiFi-enabled technology. Developed by Teachers , ExitTicket was designed to provide rich, immediate feedback to both student and teacher in a way that is conducive to a classroom environment and engaging for students.

This immediate feedback acts as a lever for targeted intervention and data-driven reflection, which in turn accelerates student achievement. And apart from immediate feedback, ET also provides them with great analytics.

Technology Used

ThreatExchange ACT

There are no real helping software for the CIOs of big financial institutions. Even though many software give them various advice, but none of them give them real time network threat analysis, resolution, steps and a right tool to manage the process of resolution through their IT team.

ThreatExchange ACT is the answer to all these pain points. It keeps a watch on the network. As soon as a threat is found, it interacts with the central threat repository to bring back the resolution process. And then provides a sophisticated project management tool to resolve it.

Technology Used


We developed a very generic solution which can be offered to different clients with varying needs. The solution is very agile and has ability to be adapted to the specific needs. The system can also be branded differently for each customer.

The system involving a set of web and mobile applications has a very solid data collection and mining abilities. And the advanced data analytics generated by the system become the backbone of decision making for the sales and distribution management team.

Technology Used


Once SplendorNet was involved, we conducted a research into the specific needs of the French speaking doctors, which set them apart from the others. And it came out that they were interested in being a part of community that doesn’t discuss only medical problems, solutions and research but also were highly interested in other things specific to them like sports, travel, fashion etc.

The community network was developed based on the needs of the audience and their priorities.
The facilities to interact with each other in every possible way, was setup.

Technology Used


The Ultimate Handyman Shopping List should be used by well-organized contractors, handymen and weekend warriors to make a trip to the hardware store super fast and efficient. Quickly add needed items with a few clicks and go shopping. When you get to the store the listed will be at your fingertips arranged in order of departments. Fly through the store checking things quickly from your list. Never forget a thing again. Thousands of common building items and tools are already contained in the App. Add new items as you need.

Technology Used


Grand rounds are an important teaching tool and ritual of medical education as well as inpatient care. It consisting of presenting the medical problems and treatment of a particular patient to an audience of doctors, residents and medical students.

Grand rounds tends to present the bigger picture, including experience with patients over many years, and the newest research and treatments in an area. Moreover, it helps doctors to keep update in important evolving areas which may be outside of their core practice.

Technology Used