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AI Based Wastewater pipeline Monitoring Platform

Our client wanted an AI-based solution that detects the cracks on the pipeline surface from the captured videos. And then, arrive at a detailed report on the entire length of the pipeline. We used our vast experience in building intelligent solutions to ensure very fast detection and report generation. Apart from this, there was also a challenge to upload the videos properly due to their huge file size. We implemented a special solution to tackle it by going in streaming like workflow.

The Challenges

  • Identify damage from the video.
  • Identify the extent of damage as well from the video.
  • Maintain track of each company and their users along with their usage.
  • Generate Analysis Reports along with other analytical reports.
  • View observations with their image.


SplendorNet accepted this project as a challenge, despite the fact that such a complicated project always requires a LOT of research. SplendorNet understands gaps to handle current requirements and give proper solutions. The project required 2 Fontend (1Sr.+1Jr.) developers and Backend (1Sr.+1Jr.) developers, a Tester, a Project Manager, and an Architecture.

The Business Benefits

    • Videos for multiple Projects can be uploaded at a time.
    • Keep track of Free and Paid service units.
    •  Much faster turnaround time as compared to the manual method
    • Generate Report by calculation.
    • Download the Specified report.

Customer Profile

Our clients are highly qualified technologists and researchers who are very passionate about solving water and wastewater problems in developing countries. Our client are a wastewater analytics company building and deploying solutions to help cities around the world tackle problems like urban water pollution.

Technology and Tools

  • Django
  • PostgreSql
  • ReactJs
  • AWS S3

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