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Online Bus Ticket Booking Software

Online Bus Ticket Booking Software with multiple features for Travellers to plan a trip.

The client’s objective was to build an Online Bus Ticket Booking Software that will provide the complete Bus Booking Portal, which will have different functionalities like creation of route, allocation of routes to different buses, seat selection and booking etc.

The Challenges

  • Informs users about the cancellation of the journey.
  • Manages all the daily service accounts.
  • Provides alerts to passengers for blocked and unblocked seats.
  • Dynamic ticket pricing provides which increase or reduce the ticket pricing for any day.
  • Apply offers
  • Reviews & Feedback


When the client came to SplendorNet looking for a solution, within no time we proposed some functionalities and built a picture for the client as we had previously worked on a similar kind of project for another client. So at the initial stage proceeding with the functionality we proposed and some additions suggested by the client we prepared a plan and wireframes for building the application.As our team had worked on similar projects before, the execution phase was a piece of cake. Our team in no time developed the application and delivered it to the client.

The Business Benefits

  • Streamlines business process.
  • Supports better decision-making.
  • Improve process.
  • Simplifies generation of reports.
  • Reduce paperwork.
  • Ease access and integration with other systems.
  • Right from planning, budgeting, decision making, booking of tickets, and generating reports all in one application for Online bus travel.

Customer Profile

MA3 app is an Online Bus Ticket Booking Software that provides the complete Bus Booking Portal.

Technology and Tools

  • Php Ionic
  • MySQL

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