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Financial Audit Automation Platform

Financial Audit Automation Platform

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Financial Audit Automation Software for fintech company

The client is a company in the US that operates in the financial accounting and audits for a long time. Based on their knowledge in audits, they could generate some predefined method of delivering the audit reports for various types of audits in the US in an automated fashion. They wanted to convert this concept into a tech platform that can deliver.

The Challenges

  • Building a tool that can “learn” and establish the rules for auditing different types of  data.
  • The system needs to be so strong that it needs to find out the gaps by establishing the logic based on the financial reports provided for audit.
  • The platform needs to be very secure so that no personal data can be breached.
  • Strong reporting skills.
  • Very high performance.


We developed a cloud based platform which provides two important aspects. 

The first aspect is a tool that the clients give to the human auditors. And the auditors carry out their steps and put up logic behind various actions on the tool. The tool will “learn” the method used by the auditor and establish its own process based on that.

And the second aspect is developing a system that accepts financial reports for customers and utilises this established process to perform the audit.

The Business Benefits

  • Very fast audit output.
  • Highly secure platform.
  • Platform learning various methods of carrying out the same audit.
  • Financial Audit Automation Software for financial accounting and auditing.
  • Accuracy level rapidly reaching 100%.

Customer Profile

Autire is a company in the US that operates in the financial accounting and audits for a long time.

Technology and Tools

  • NodeJS (Express)
  •  MongoDB
  • ReactJS
  • Bootstrap

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