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Instant Micro-financing Platform

Instant Micro-financing Software for Fintech companies and banks.

The client was a serial businessman. As a part of one of his earlier businesses, he had started an NBFC. And in the given circumstances, he saw the gap in the micro-financing domain. After a lot of research, he found that the domain existed in the market but with a very low footprint online. So, he decided to take a plunge and create a startup which will disburse instant micro loans.

The Challenges

  • A very strong platform with all the necessary security certifications and standards.
  • A very robust system which will provide the users with a short but solid loan process.
  • A lot of third party integrations.
  • Really instant loan disbursal.
  • Strong analytics for generating and utilising customer persona.


SplendorNet was a part of the solution right from the research phase. Our expert team identified various aspects that were involved in taking the loan business online. We identified quite a few third party solutions which would help in making the loan disbursal decision actually instant. A super easy looking and working mobile application was designed and developed. The team had also done its homework predicting a large volume of traffic. The solid framework design and tech platform choice helped the platform successfully tackle the surge of traffic after the launch and marketing burst. Due to the efficiency of the solution, the client could focus completely on the business aspect and could land into profits right in its 6th month of existence.

The Business Benefits

  • A very simple and efficient way to get small loans instantly.
  • Safe and secure platform.
  • Very fast disbursal decision.
  • 100% automation of all the processes.
  • Web-based software for instant and seamless operation of microfinancing.
  • Highly successful integrations.

Customer Profile

Mudrakwik is India’s First Truly Instant Loan App. It is an all-in-one digital platform for all your Instant Loan Needs, from personal loan to Buy Now Pay Later.

Technology and Tools

  •  Python (Django)
  • PostGreSQL
  • ReactNative
  •  Stomp

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