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Online portal for student assessment and psychology assessment

Our client needed a platform that helps its users create a portfolio of highly-valued skills sought and recognized by educational institutions and workplaces. Our client prides itself on being user-guided, user-centric, and research-driven to amplify skills and talents not often recognized in traditional admission or hiring processes. Our ecosystem connects users, content, and experts.

The Challenges

  • Building and integrating the ML model for the identification of micro-credentials.
  • Integrating the platform with Canvas in an interactive fashion.
  • Making the platform configurable for the institutions.
  • Creating the best UX experience for the Students.
  • Binding the whole university offline flow into a well-designed online platform.


SplendorNet took this project as a challenge even though it’s a known fact that there’s always a LOT of research involved in such a complicated project.
The team approached this project in a waterfall model where multiple team members tackled different modules individually and stitched all of them together at the end.
Apart from all this, DevOps expertise was and is always a big requirement for such media streaming-related platforms. So, while the development was going on, the DevOps activity was constantly going on in parallel.
In the end, the project was successfully delivered in the stipulated time and then the client got us to work on a few more changes.

The Business Benefits

    • We combine educational research, natural language processing (NLP) in Machine Learning, and ethics of Artificial intelligence (Noble, 2018) to broaden the conversation on academic achievement and professional accomplishments. This helps us disrupt conversations around educational success and hiring practices.
    • LivedX is a tool for high school students to create a longitudinal portfolio of college and career readiness skills to meet the state requirements. Using stackable micro-credentials-based portfolios could be converted to college credit. L
    • LivedX is a tool for students to create a longitudinal portfolio of highly-valued skills to meet state requirements and increase graduation rates. Equipping students with 21st-century skills along with professional expertise is the future of college education.
    • LivedX is a tool to create a profile for highly-valuable skills that are not captured by an individual’s GPA and professional degrees. LivedX helps you diversify your workforce and provide opportunities for individuals’ upskilling. We create an efficient, fair, and ethical hiring process.
    • LivedX is a tool to create a unique and personalized portfolio of highly-valued skills to provide an edge to your academic or professional profile.

Customer Profile

Our client helps Schools, Colleges/Universities, Companies and Individuals to identify and grow their personal skills.

Technology and Tools

  • Python
  • Django
  • PostgreSQL
  • AWS
  • Angular
  • HTML

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