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Quote Engine WordPress plugin with active/inactive by Superadmin

Our client is a US-based company having experience in providing an easy and innovative solution for your storage or moving needs. They needed a WordPress plugin that provides a form on their website to calculate storage quotes for portable storage for three situations. 1. MOVING 2. STORAGE 3. MOVING AND STORAGE by considering the actual driving distance calculated using google maps API and not as the crow flies. Also, give end-user Quote charges with a pricing breakdown.

The Challenges

  • Distance calculation using Google Maps API.
  • Add Geo-Fencing.
  • Quote charges with pricing breakdown.
  • Integration with Woocommerce plugin.
  • Create a page for ‘Reservation-Checkout process’.


Once SplendorNet was involved, we researched the customers’ specific needs, particularly the quote calculation using google maps API and the integration of this plugin with woo commerce plugin. Our development team laid out basic architecture and plan to execute. Our skilled team of one project manager, one QA, and one PHP full stack completed the project in a single phase in just one month.

The Business Benefits

    • Custom Quote Plugin.
    • Geo-fencing feature.
    • Reduce human effort.
    • Get a quote and pricing breakdown in both km and miles.

Customer Profile

Our client US based company that provides an easy and innovative solution for your storage or moving needs.

Technology and Tools

  •  PHP
  • Yii2(Store/domain management)
  • WordPress

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