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Customised wrestling singlets and other products ecommerce portal

Outer Circle Sports, the leading exclusive distributor of Adidas sports goods wanted a solution that will work on desktop and mobile devices without any problems and let the customers create custom designed singlets for themselves and then place an order for the same.

We developed and delivered the very advanced solution of those times. We developed a Javascript based customizer and implemented it in their website.

The Challenges

  • Ever increasing customization demands, starting with colours and moving on with logos, fonts, text styles etc.
  • Integration of this customizer smoothly in a shopping cart portal.
  • Canvas based pure Javascript development, which is very tricky.
  • Responsive UI that is friendly for mouse as well as touch.
  • Maintain and upgrade the same with changing times and keep it working.


Considering the nature of the project, the first phase was developed by going through waterfall development methodology. And later, as the changes kept coming, we shifted to the Agile development methodology.

A team of 6 people worked on the project. And we successfully delivered exactly what the client wanted and much more. In the later phases of development, we also kept coming up with ideas to bring improvements in the tool and kept implementing the ones that the client approved.

The solution that we delivered has turned out to be so robust and secure and the UI / UX was so simple and intuitive, that they are still using the same solution on their website after about 8 years of delivering it.

The Business Benefits

  • Saves time of the sales team that earlier went into giving designs to the prospects and keep iterating through their changes.
  • Customer is happy to get the freedom to try their own ideas and see how it looks.
  • Disputes are avoided as the customer finalises the design on his own.
  • Easier for the manufacturing team as they get all the artifacts and the resultant image ready along with the order.
  • Increase in sales due to the convenience this offers.

Customer Profile

Outer Circle Sports – The exclusive distributor for Adidas sports goods.

Technology and Tools

  •  JavaScript
  • PHP
  • WordPress
  • MySQL

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