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Corporate Health & Wellness Specialist Platform

Corporate Health & Wellness Specialist Platform

Our client is an emerging Healthcare service provider brand based in Pune & specialising in Preventive Health Checkups for Individuals & Corporates. They wanted to take Preventive Health Checkups to the next level by developing a mobile application that offers Health Checkup packages along with their proprietary Electronic Health Record Management to maintain all client’s health records in one place. They wanted a mobile application interface for PrognoHealth customers to ease the booking of services from their convenient locations and time.

The Challenges

  • Maintenance and adding new enhancements.
  • Tight schedule for project completion.
  • Integration between the app and multiple admin users.
  • Adding Video Conferencing feature.


Once SplendorNet was involved and got all the requirements and scope from the client, our team conducted thorough research. Next was creating a plan keeping in mind the tight schedule to deliver the project. Despite many challenges and new concepts that our team hadn’t worked on, we completed the project and delivered it on time. Since then we have been maintaining and upgrading the mobile application. Over the period of time, we have added many new features and enhanced the mobile application to deliver the best values. This project is a classic example of the Incremental and Iterative model. The project required one project manager, two IONIC developers, one QA, and one backend developer.

The Business Benefits

    • Easy accessibility to end-user available at their fingertips (mobile app).
    • Reduction in Human efforts by automating the message delivery system.
    • Automation of appointment booking ( elimination of manual appointment booking system).
    • Video conferencing with doctors (this feature helped end-users a lot in the covid times).
    • One-stop solution for getting the medical test.

Customer Profile

Our client is a Corporate Health & Wellness Specialist providing services to Pan India. They offer Pre-employment Health Checkup Packages, Annual Health Checkup Packages, Executive Health Checkup Packages, Occupational Health Checkup Packages, and other Health & Wellness Services.

Technology and Tools

  • Php
  • Mysql
  • Ionic

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