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Online Investments platform Software for Fintech Companies.

The client is a startup entrepreneur having a lot of experience in investment companies. Understanding the investments world so well, the client wanted to make the most of his knowledge by starting a platform where the customers would be able to search various mutual funds and invest online. Not only that, the platform will also allow the customers to maintain their investment portfolio and get various analytics based on that.

The Challenges

  • The platform needs to have multiple mutual funds connected.
  • The platform should always have fresh details about anything that is being presented.
  • Platform should be very simple in terms of user interface.
  • The investments made on the platform should happen immediately without any delay.
  • The analytics provided by the platform must be decision supporting.


When SplendorNet started working as the development partner for the client, the first goal was to understand the domain. We had a team working on domain understanding and background study. The study revealed various interesting facts regarding investments and mutual funds.

We first started with the most popular mutual fund companies so that the client could get the portal launched and get the business going. And after that we increased the coverage to maximum possible mutual funds. The requirements kept growing after that. We updated the UI at various places, a lot of new analytical reports were added and many such advancements were done on the portal.

Along with all the features, the most important aspect that we always had to ensure was the security. Encryption of entire customer data along with the standard web security measures were implemented in order to maintain security of the data.

The Business Benefits

  • Very easy to find mutual funds to invest in.
  • Comparison between various options possible.
  • An effortless way to manage the entire investment portfolio.
  • Highly interesting and insightful analytical reports.
  • Very powerful build in terms of website performance.
  • A growing automated platform for mutual fund investing for fintech companies.
  • Completely secure platform inducing the feeling of safety in clients’ mi.

Customer Profile

FundsPI is a growing automated platform for mutual fund investing. It enables investors to choose the best funds from across the fund universe.

Technology and Tools

  •  Python (Django)
  • PostGreSQL
  • AngularJS
  • Bootstrap

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