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Transport and Delivery System

Digitally transform transport and logistics by using our unique transport and Delivery Software.

Our client is an India based company specialising in mobile fleet management. They have clients in various domains and sizes from small to very large. Their customers send parcels to various parts of India as well as in the international market. For this they need various agencies who can deliver. Our client came up with a solution to deliver parcels wherever required. Now their clients do not require to approach multiple agencies.

The Challenges

  • Find best agency to deliver the parcel in time as well as at a low rate.
  • Parcel Tracking.
  • Driver & Vehicle Availability.
  • Rate Card Management.
  • Robust cloud-based application for the Transport industry to operate seamlessly.


When SplendorNet started working as the development partner for the client, the first goal was to understand the domain. We had a team working on domain understanding and background study. The study revealed that while there are various set processes in the business, there are as many incidents where the things have to go through a work around the processes.

This was challenging, and we decided to take it up. We initially covered all the set processes and had kept the planning ready for the workarounds. Once the client started using the application with set processes, we took on the workarounds one by one. And within a year’s time, the application became comprehensive.

The next targets that we have in front of us are adding intelligence to various aspects of the business in order to make it stronger and enable the company to take a major leap in the business.

The Business Benefits

  • 100% documented and recorded processes.
  • Not only the set processes but the workarounds also covered.
  • Detailed reporting makes it easy to take business decisions.
  • Cloud-based app has made it easy for the branches to operate seamlessly.
  • Robust software for the transport companies to reduce human efforts and bring digitisation.

Customer Profile

Our client is an India based company specialising in mobile fleet management. 

Technology and Tools

  • PHP(Yii)
  • MySQL

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