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Sam.Ur.AI: Hyper Personalization Solution For Banks

Hyper-Personalization Solution for Banks and Fintech companies.

The client is a finance company in the US which has partnered with an Indian technology company in order to bring their ideas to reality. With their massive experience in finance, they have devised a concept that will help the banks achieve various goals just by giving a chat based interaction tool to the bank customers.

The Challenges

  • A strong mobile app that can be ported on top of the bank’s software.
  • Interactive chatting tool that gives important insights to the customers.
  • Interaction data collection and classification using various AI models.
  • Generate highly interesting and action provoking insights about customer behavior based on the data collected.
  • Build a highly secure system in such a way that the customer information doesn’t go to any third party. system.


The solution helps banks intimately understand user behaviour and nudge customers towards improved financial health. Intelligence that will help optimise user’s daily spending, refinance loans, create a savings auto-pilot, and even help them invest, to make sure their financial wellness is enhanced. It’s magical!

The solution uses a trademarked financial empathy engine owned by the client to generate the insights.

The solution uses state-of-the-art security measures. It does not store any PII data & all other data is anonymized & encrypted. The platform can be installed on-prem or deployed on the cloud.

The Business Benefits

  • Better customer understanding for the banks.
  • Dual advantage for the bank by providing a very handy interactive tool for the customer.
  • Completely secure platform.
  • Automatic suggestions generator.
  • Voice and type chat facility.
  • Speaks customers’ language (25+ languages).

Technology and Tools

  •  Android Native Mobile App
  •  iOS Native Mobile app

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