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IMAST: Sales, Distribution Channel Loyalty

IMAST : Sales, Distribution Channel Loyalty

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The client is a company of industry veterans having vast experience in setting up and maintaining third party sales and distribution channels in the Indian market. They have carved out a niche for them in not only providing the consultation service to the growing industries but also do the recruitment, setting up of distribution network, loyalty programs etc activities and then hand over the running model to their clients. Hence they needed a very generic solution which can be offered to different clients with varying needs. They wanted the solution to be very agile and have the ability to be adapted to the specific needs.

The Challenges

  • A generic system that lets the customer define the network of their products, sales force, territories etc.
  • Map the hierarchies between all these aspects.
  •  Track the sales even in the third party channels.
  • Track the sales force activities.
  • Run customizable loyalty programs for the sales team and third party distribution channel.


When IMAST was a startup when they came to SplendorNet with an idea and wanted to build a solution for it. So at the initial stage our team had lots of discussion with IMAST and their client as well. Based on this our team did research and analysis of the idea and requirements of the client and came up with a most suitable solution for them keeping in mind the scope of growth.

After the initial stage we quickly moved on to the development stage where our team delivered the solution to the IMAST. As IMAST and their client base grew, the solution that we provided also kept evolving from the feedback and new requirements of the new clients of IMAST.

The Business Benefits

  • From being consultants, the client became the executioners.
  • This increased their edge over the competitors by leaps and bounds.
  • Offering subscription based services for running the sales / distribution channel activities and loyalty programs set up a lifelong avenue of income for them.
  • Accuracy in data collection through internet based and mobile based systems brought a great deal of reliability to their offerings.

Customer Profile

IMAST is a third party sales channel tracking and loyalty program engine solution.

IMAST builds remarkable Relationship Marketing Solutions that help brands to thrive among their competitors. At Imast, they strategize, design, and implement solutions with the focus for our clients by providing Loyalty, Feet on Street, Market research, Reward Redemption, and Gifting Management and Digital transformation services in diverse Industries.

IMAST partners with clients and implements market differentiating solutions with transparency and cost-effective measures

Technology and Tools

  • AngularJS
  • Celery
  • Django
  • PostgreSQL
  • Python
  • React

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