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Food Delivery Application

Food Delivery Application for restaurants, hotels, and Fast Food Cuisine restaurants.

The client is an innovative startup in the industry of online food ordering and delivery. They have various sources like small hotels, caterers as well as home-chefs from whom the customers can order food. What they needed to succeed was a solid backbone of technology to make these seemingly complicated operations smooth.A best software for food delivery service.

The Challenges

  • Automated and proper communication between the customers, providers and delivery-men.
  • Tracking of delivery-men.
  • Reporting with performance analysis.
  • Finance aspects taken care of.


Once SplendorNet was involved, we conducted research into the specific needs of the customers and particularly the non-professional providers. With this understanding, we started building the application. The initial phase took care of instant and proper communication of orders from customers to the providers and their acceptance. After that, the remaining piece was the delivery person app which we delivered to their satisfaction.

The Business Benefits

  • Every transaction coming on record.
  • Payments & recoveries are sorted for good.
  • Automation in communication between all stakeholders.
  • Tracking of delivery persons reduces the leakage substantially.
  • Performance analysis of all the stakeholders makes business decisions much easier.
  • Improved customer satisfaction because of increased transparency in the process.
  • Robust solution for placing, tracking, receiving, and recording order for delivery.

Customer Profile

Our client is a food delivery service provider for over 200+ restaurants in Pune.

Technology and Tools

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Ionic for hybrid mobile app

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