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Delivery & Route Optimization Solution

Delivery & Route Optimization Solution for mobile fleet management.

Our client is a US based company specialising in mobile fleet management consultancy. They have clients in various domains and sizes from small to very large. While consulting these customers, the client found a few requirements commonly required. The main need being delivery distribution among vehicles, drivers, optimising the travel route without using Google APIs (for cost reasons) and many more. For all these things, they needed a strong web and mobile solution that will take care of these aspects.

The Challenges

  • Algorithm to distribute the deliveries so that the total vehicle travel distance is optimised.
  • Optimising the travel route of the vehicles.
  • Delivery vehicles tracking.
  • Delivery time estimation.
  • Cloud-based solution which addresses all the needs of transport, logistics and supply chain management.


We developed a cloud based solution which addresses all the needs that the client has. The most complicated and important aspects were distribution of deliveries between vehicles and then giving each of them an optimised route without taking help from Google. We delivered both of these things well. Apart from this, the solution involves a mobile application that the vehicle drivers use. They receive their beat route on the application along with the optimised route. The app doesn’t only track the delivery but the driver can also mention the delivery status at the right time.

The Business Benefits

  • Huge savings due to optimised delivery distribution.
  • Even higher savings due to route optimization without spending Google API fees.
  • Complete automation yet under human control in the distribution process.
  • Increased throughput for businesses using the same amount of human capital and infrastructure.
  • Get optimised tracking, and roots for delivery using the Delivery & Route Optimisation Solution.

Customer Profile

Our client is a US-based company specialising in mobile fleet management consultancy.

Technology and Tools

  • PHP, 
  • MySQL, 
  • HTML5, 
  • CSS3, 
  • Ionic for hybrid mobile app

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