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Recent 6 Changes in Shopify

Plan-level trial configuration in the App Store app listing submission page

Shopify has changed how trials can be configured on your app listing:

• Trials will now be plan-level rather than app-level

• Free plans can no longer have a trial associated with them as they should not be time bound

• The change applies to apps with recurring monthly/annual subscription plans

• The change does not impact apps that are listed as completely free, or free to install

This update gives you more control on how you market trials on the App Store.

Shopify has auto-filled the app-level trial data to each plan card based on the last app listing submission form configuration. Please update these default values in the app listing submission form if you have plans with different trial lengths.

Introducing a new, guided app submission process

Get your apps published faster with Shopify’s streamlined app review experience. It provides a clear, guided process that ensures you’ve checked off some key requirements before submitting and contextual guidance that reduces rework. You’ll know exactly where you are in the process at a glance with actionable statuses that let you know what to expect next.

Update on deprecation of unpublished apps

In May 2022, Shopify announced that unpublished apps would no longer be supported. To ensure merchant trust and security, all apps must now pass Shopify App Store review to guarantee the best app experience including branding, installation, onboarding, functionality, and quality. Developers with unpublished apps are required to take action by either converting them to public apps by meeting Shopify App Store requirements and submitting them to Shopify for review, or sunsetting their unpublished apps.

If your unpublished apps have not been submitted for review or sunset by the deadline, these apps will have their API access revoked and will be uninstalled from all merchant stores. Developers will be notified at least 60 days prior to any changes being made.

New Shopify App Store apps require the latest App Bridge

As of March 13th, 2024, net new Shopify App Store apps must use the latest Shopify App Bridge.

App submissions now require a screencast demo

Developers must create a video demo that illustrates how to use their app, as a now mandatory requirement for submission.New apps that are in a Draft status will be asked to provide this prior to submitting for initial review. Submitted apps that are already in initial review may be asked to provide one before they can be published. Published apps that become Delisted may be asked to provide one before they can become published again.

Introducing category page ads on the Shopify App Store

Developers can now generate even more demand for their apps by showcasing them on the category and subcategory pages of the Shopify App Store.


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