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Laravel Security Features

Laravel is a popular development platform, developed in PHP, well-known for its performance and active user community. Laravel is secured platform and he has considered below points,

1. Laravel Authentication System

Laravel hacking is a common problem that can further cause vulnerabilities to other supporting XSS and different files. Most casualties of website hacks find that their site pages are diverted to other malicious websites.

Laravel already has a robust user authentication process in place with the associated boilerplate code available in the scaffolding.

2. Reduce Laravel Vulnerabilities from CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery)

Laravel employs CSRF tokens to prevent external third parties from generating fake requests, mitigating potential security vulnerabilities within the Laravel framework.

3. Protection Against XSS (Cross-Site Scripting)

In XSS attacks, attackers inject JavaScript, often into a website’s form text areas. When new visitors access the affected page or form, the injected script executes, causing malicious impacts.

4. SQL Injection

Laravel’s Eloquent ORM uses PDO binding that protects from SQL injections. This feature ensures that no client can modify the intent of the SQL queries.


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