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Top 8 OpenCart Features To Scale Up Your Store

Top 8 OpenCart Features To Scale Up Your Store

If you don’t want to waste OpenCart’s power, let us introduce you to the top 8 OpenCart features that can work magic on your store conversions

  1. Product and category management

Here is a list of OpenCart’s product and category management features you might love to try:

  • Create Unlimited products
  • Set Product Category hierarchy
  • Create Variants for products
  • Bulk import & export for inventory
  • Apply various filters
  • Inventory Management
  1. Marketing

No matter how good your products are, you won’t be able to scale up your store without proper marketing campaigns.

OpenCart gives you five important marketing-related features:

  • Email – Facility to send bulk email to specific group or to all
  • Discount – Facility to create coupons for specific products
  • Product ratings –OpenCart offers native product rating and review management features
  • Loyalty -With OpenCart’s reward features, you can give your customers “loyalty points” as incentives
  • Affiliates -You can set your affiliate campaign commission rate
  1. Multi-store

OpenCart lets you manage several stores with just one setup. Once you’ve set up OpenCart for one store, you can add more stores

  1. Search engine optimization (SEO)

OpenCart supports using URLs that are optimized for search engines for its product, category, manufacturer, and information pages.

  1. Payment gateways

OpenCart natively supports over 50 payment gateways with big names like PayPal, Square, 2Checkout, Amazon Pay, etc

  1. Shipping

You can find the shipping method extensions in OpenCart by going to Extensions > Shipping. OpenCart comes with several basic shipping methods

  1. Analytics

OpenCart comes with a major reports like Sales, Product, Customer & Marketing reports

  1. Themes and modules

With over 13,000 themes and modules on the OpenCart Extension Store, you can easily pick a quality theme and fuel your store growth with a wide range of robust add-ons.


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