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Importance To Have A Great Product Search Feature In Your Shopping Site

Usually, when we think of a great shopping site, the first few things to come to our minds are like good design, products, photographs, technology platform etc. But you’ll be startled to know that the sites which sell a lot, have identified the search feature as one of the top three reasons behind their success.

Let’s see why an intelligent search turns out to be a game changer for shopping sites.

Reason Number 1: Ease of Discovery

In the current age, customer loyalty has gone down almost to the level of non-existence. If they don’t find what they are looking for quickly, they won’t stay on your site.

Market surveys have come up with some numbers when they tried finding out the effect of implementing a smart / intelligent search in a shopping site. They have come up with a range of 20% to 40% increase in sales after implementation of smart search feature.

Reason Number 2: Faster Order Placement

Visitors, who search something on your site, show a clear intent of purchase and also show that they know what they want. This is the best visitor persona to arrive on any shopping site. Because, as soon as they verify important aspects like price, warranty, shipping etc, they make the purchase.

If they arrive and find a smart search feature making immediate auto suggestions as they are typing and showing the vitals of the products along with suggestions, they quickly make the purchase then and there.

Reason Number 3: Decision Inducing Analytics

Things people search in the smart search, are the real search terms that the market is looking for. Don’t you think those are the terms which a shopping site should be advertising for? Exactly.

This and many other similar analytical advantages, smart search becomes a highly valuable feature in a shopping site.


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