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Importance of an ‘About Us’ Page

Every new prospect who visits your company’s website will not buy your product or service right away. Some will take their time learning everything about your company to see if they can trust you, and the most likely place for them to do so is your about us page.

The “About Us” page is the ideal place to express your business’s unique identity. While your other pages focus on your products and services, this page focuses on what makes your business special and explains what distinguishes you from the competition.

The ‘About Us’ page helps to personalize your company by telling visitors about yourself and your team.

The ‘About Us’ page communicates the story and purpose of your business

Things to Include in an ‘About Us’ Page

– Values, Mission and Vision

– Story of how your company started

– Testimonials and Awards

– A brief introduction to your team

– Links and calls to action

Our Final Thoughts

Your ‘About Us’ page is more than just a requirement for your website. If written correctly, it can your business help in generating leads and increase website traffic.

When creating the content for your about us page, make sure to include useful information about your company’s history, products, and goals. And as your company grows, alter your story, mission, and accomplishments.


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