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Does your portal’s user experience retain the customers?

There are portals which look good and there are portals which are good for using. Which of these aspects is important for you?

Remember that you are not building image building website. You need a portal that fetches business. And the User Experience (UX) is the most important aspect to make this happen and repeat this success.

Here are some tips for an effective UX :

  • Generate a persona of your customer and identify their pain points which your products are going to resolve. These solutions should be mentioned in a loud manner on the portal.
  • Customer purchase flow navigation must be very clear and easily visible. Customer shouldn’t need to search from where to checkout after selecting the products.
  • Use videos for products if possible
  • Portal must be equally easy to navigate on mobile phones. Only a responsive portal doesn’t help.
  • Customer support has to be easily visible as a phone number and / or an email address
  • Purchase returnability has to be mentioned in a loud manner
  • Use a customer service chat interface
  • Obtain and add security seals to your portal so that the customers feel safe while making the transactions.

While these are basic but very important things to take care of and there are many more tricks to improve the UX, if you have all of these covered, it will ensure that your eCommerce portal will keep on giving results and good sales.


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