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Are you planning to sell products/services to newer geographics through the portal?

For an online selling business, the straight forward answer to the scaling question is starting to sell in newer geographies / countries. Isn’t it?

But if you have tried this route, I’m sure you must’ve understood that it’s not as simple as it sounds. There are multiple challenges and the biggest is credibility of your platform in the new geography.

Following are some ways which can help your platform on the credibility aspect.

  • Website / app must appear in local colors / fonts etc
  • Website / app needs to start in local language
  • You need to have a clear mention of support email address and local support phone number (you can get local support number from any of the cloud telephony platforms)
  • Transaction currency by default should be the local one.
  • Testimonials need to be included on the homepage and these should be by local people in local language.
  • The website / app must have very clear cancellation / return / refund policies.
  • Last and may be the most important will be offer cash on delivery option.

There are obviously a lot more things that can be done based on what kind of products are you trying to sell though. But the above are basic ground rules that you must follow to ensure that your platform doesn’t suffer the credibility question.


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