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SEO Tips for increasing traffic to your eCommerce site and also increasing sales

SEO Tips for increasing traffic to your eCommerce site and also increasing sales

For any eCommerce site to thrive, customers are the most important need. (Obviously, right?)

The problem is, getting customers’ attention is expensive. According to some surveys, the average cost per click in the apparel industry is around 89 cents, while the average cost per action is almost $10.

This simply means you may have to spend thousands to gain just a few new customers.

But wait, everything is not that bleak. If you focus some more of your energy on SEO, you can gain free (yes, free!) organic traffic by helping your site show up in the Search Engines.

Following are some important aspects for you to work on.

1. Keywords

Arguably the MOST important aspect of all.

Do you know that every 60 seconds, 3.8 million searches are run only on Google? How do you then make sure that your site and products feature in the results?

For this, the first step is identifying a targeted list of keywords. This list needs to be categorised in “Short Tail” and “Long Tail” keywords. Short Tail keywords are searched way more but also result into a LOT of results and are lower on conversions. Whereas, the Long Tail keywords get fewer searches but the conversion percentage is higher.

2. Website Flow / Architecture

The site architecture allows you to map out how the user flows through your website. As the business owner, you want the user to be able to quickly identify key pages and the relationships between the pages.

You need to make sure that you categorise the products and overall the website pages in such a way that it’s very intuitive for the customers to reach up to the product that they are looking for.

To arrive at a logically right flow, ask yourself :

a. What are the searches that bring the customers to your site?
b. What are the searches that customers run once they’re on your site?
c. Which are the highest traffic-receiving pages on your website?
d. Which are the top “Exit Pages”?

3. Naming and Linking

Once you know the right keywords, you have to ensure that you make use of those while naming the products, categories and sub-categories.

Remember, the categories and sub-categories will have the Short Tail keywords as on in their names. And the products will have one or more Long Tail keywords as or in their names.

4. Technical SEO

Apart from all these, there are a lot of technical aspects which matter big time if your website is to appear in searches.

These are the aspects, in which your tech partner needs to be well-versed.

Action plan for you is simple. Speak with your tech partner about technical SEO aspect and make sure that he can explain you all the things that are in place on this aspect.

Loading time of your website and landing pages also turns out to be THE most important criteria.

SplendorNet team, with all the experience and expertise generated out of it, has prepared a list of a lot of processes and checklists that are taken care of automatically without their clients giving instructions explicitly.


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