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New Gmail functionality Allows Users to Send Self-destructing Emails

The new Gmail allows the user to protect sensitive information by allowing the sender of the email to set an expiration date for each individual message sent to the receiver.

New Gmail functionality Allows Users to Send Self-destructing Emails

Confidential mode

Users can now enable a ‘confidential’ option when sending an email which means that recipients can only see the email for a set period of time. Recipients can also be blocked from being able to forward, download or print an email.

The new layout will allow users to click on attachments without needing to scroll through large conversations. The snooze button will allow users to delay some emails until they have time to address it.

While confidential mode prevents copying of the information it doesn’t protect the email from a screenshot, furthermore the confidential mode can be compromised if the user has been affected by malware.

Smart replies

The new design has smart-assistant features such as ‘suggested replies’ to messages. This predicts how users might respond and automatically suggests a response – saving users from typing one back manually.

Security redesign

As part of the re-design, Google’s machine-learning algorithms will run safety checks on every message received and will alert users in bold when it spots something that appears to be a threat.

In the update Gmail will also suggest when users should unsubscribe from newsletters or offers they no longer care about.


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