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Who’s using React js?

The digital world is changing as we speak. In such reality, it is definitely hard to adapt to trends. However, that is exactly what the big names in the industry are doing.
Major apps like Facebook, Instagram, Netflix and others are constantly improving their experience and adapting to new frameworks and trends.

As of recently, there is a big word of mouth going around ReactJS and its impressive features.

In case still haven’t heard about the potential of ReactJS, they are numerous. Basically, React has become very popular among developers and there are lots of resources that make most of its technical merits – just like NodeJS and numerous other related JavaScript frameworks/tools.

The proof for its popularity is best described by the apps that are using ReactJS – and today, we are showing you the list of most impressive apps based on ReactJS.

Because React has its own lightweight representation of the document, we can do some pretty cool things with it:
Following are most impressive apps based on ReactJS


Facebook has dynamic charts that render to <canvas> instead of HTML.


Instagram uses the React for getting geo locations, Google Maps APIs, search engine accuracy.

Instagram is a “single page” web app built entirely with React


The React version works with Netflix too – specifically on their platform called Gibbon which is used for low-performance TV devices instead of the DOM used in web browsers.

Netflix likes React ,says their official blog post

ReactJS library helped Netflix for startup speed, runtime performance, modularity and various other advantages.

New York Times

For Oscar and red carpert , The interface was built in React allowing users to filter the gallery of different photos from 19 years in a nice way. The re-rendering on this project is only one of the impressive features we can thank ReactJS for.

Khan Academy

A lot of parts of Khan Academy are based on React currently.


WhatsApp uses ReactJS for building user interfaces from Facebook, just like it uses Underscore.js and Velocity.js as some of its most efficient engines. As of recently, the all-new WhatsApp Web app has also been using React, just like the Facebook.

If your web application or mobile application needs to be in advance technologies ;Its worth investing in React JS or React Native.


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