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PHP Laravel is powerful MVC PHP framework used for rapid development of web applications. SplendorNet is one of very few companies in Pune (India) having strong expertise in PHP Laravel. If you are looking for PHP Laravel Developer, PHP Laravel Development or PHP Laravel Programmer, we would love to discuss your requirements and come up with right solution at best possible price / hourly rate.

Of the two most used PHP-based frameworks today, Laravel can be safely considered as a more mature framework. Backed by excellent community support and ongoing development work, Laravel is one of the most preffered PHP frameworks for projects in any domain.

Some of the features of Laravel:

  • Best PHP framework for robustness and maturity
  • Extensive community submissions
  • Tried, tested and thus, a highly reliable framework
  • Around 5% faster than Yii in terms of development time for a project

A few examples of projects that could be built using Laravel:

  • ERP
  • CRM
  • CMS
  • Media streaming websites
  • E-commerce websites
  • GIS-based solutions
  • Health service portals
  • Ticketing applications
  • Social networks
  • Online video interactive portals

We assure that… 1. Our PHP Laravel developer(s) is experienced and has technical, analytical, project management expertise. 2. Regular trainings are imparted to our PHP Laravel programmer(s) for technical upgradation. 3. Our coding practices as regard to PHP Laravel development are as per industry standard.

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