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NodeJS is one of the most powerful, flexible open-source JavaScript library. SplendorNet is one of very few companies in Pune (India) having strong expertise in NodeJS framework. If you are looking for NodeJS Developer, NodeJS Development or NodeJS Programmer, we would love to discuss your requirements and come up with right solution at best possible price / hourly rate.

NodeJS is a pioneer run-time environment which brought significant changes in the ways in which web development is done around the world. Prior to NodeJS, Javascript code used to run only on the client-side, embedded in the HTML. Through NodeJS, Javascript can run on the server side as well, producing dynamic web pages before they are displayed on the client-side browsers. NodeJS is used extensively by major corporations like Microsoft, IBM and SAP, amongst others.

Some of the features of NodeJS:

  • Facilitates server-side running of Javascript
  • Eliminates the need to rely on other languages for server-side scripts, reducing the resources required for a project
  • Most suited to develop versatile web servers
  • Employs non-blocking functions to ensure faster execution of server-side environment

A few examples of projects that could be built using NodeJS:

  • Apps involving real-time communication
  • Domain hosting services
  • Servers for most front-end solutions
  • Online payment gateways like Paypal
  • Social networks
  • Streaming applications
  • GIS-based projects
  • E-commerce websites

We assure that… 1. Our NodeJS developer(s) is experienced and has technical, analytical, project management expertise. 2. Regular trainings are imparted to our NodeJS programmer(s) for technical upgradation. 3. Our coding practices as regard to NodeJS development are as per industry standard.

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