As they always say “What makes a difference between success and failure is a GREAT TEAM“. We believe this completely. SplendorNet takes huge pride in it’s team. The team consists of many superheroes who have amazing qualities and capabilities. But what makes thing better is, we all walk in the same direction. With everyone’s force in same direction, we don’t have a choice other than success.

Pratap Shrotriya
Pratap ShrotriyaCEO
Ashish Amalnerkar
Ashish AmalnerkarCOO
Aditya Achlerkar
Aditya AchlerkarCTO
Parvez Shaikh
Parvez ShaikhVP Creative Designs
Sushant Danekar
Sushant DanekarVP Delivery
Shivaji Shinde
Shivaji ShindeVP Customer Relationship

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