Pratap Shrotriya

Pratap is Founder Director and the CEO of SplendorNet. Having over 15 years of entrepreneurship experience spanning 4 startups, Pratap has acquired all skills that are needed for quality development company that keeps all the customers highly satisfied. Under Pratap’s leadership, SplendorNet has grown from 1 member team to what it is right now. Pratap took masters degree in computer application wherein he met his first love, Programming. The programming and technology craze that he has, has very clearly formed the DNA of the company.


Ashish Amalnerkar

Ashish is also one of the founding members and he looks after “Operations and HR” in SplendorNet. Ashish has been instrumental in making SplendorNet strong on employee retention, recruitment process and hiring right talent. The low attrition rate is credited to his stratergies and vision to make SplendorNet employee friendly. Ashish has provided his expertise in various industries such as FMCG and have helped them grow manyfolds. He has around 20 years of industry experience in varying fields.


Aditya Achlerkar

Aditya has worked with many multinational companies like General Electric, General Motors and TVS Motors in various capacities and positions. He has very strong background in Processes, development methodologies and he is the driving force behind the quality delivery of projects from SplendorNet. He hold Master of Technology Degree from IIT Delhi and also Masters in Computer Applications.

He has around 14 years of industry experience and have been on technical panels for many startups.


Sushant Danekar
Project Manager

Sushat is one of the founding members who has spent almost 15 years in SplendorNet looking after all kind of project sizes. He has extensive experience in handling big size and multiyear project, AWS, and having good knowledge in data base optimizations and design. Sushant is responsible for all PHP based projects, processes and DBA activities.


Shivaji Shinde
Project Manager

Shivaji is one of the founding members who has spend almost 14 years in SplendorNet looking after UI/UX department. He has team of very efficient UI/UX developers who can work on old/new technologies in this area with equal ease.


Parvez Shaikh
Creative Director

Creative, detail-focused designer with a proven track record of success in website planning, web design/coding, and marketing material development, demonstrating strong graphic art skills backed by sound technical abilities. Experienced in managing entire project development cycle, from start-up to close-out. Able to lead projects successfully and forge strong relationships with business partners. High-energy individual with positive outlook, excellent team skills, and recognized talent/ability to weld form and function in an online environment.


Anup Yadav
Project Manager

Anup has spend 8 years with SplendorNet and is part of the core team. Anup is expert in all JS technologies as well as languages such as Python, ROR and many more. He is our go to person for any research oriented project which involves unknown challenges.