Startup Development & Support

SplendorNet Launcher’s biggest strength is it’s love for innovative startups.

Launcher supports early-stage start-ups and small companies looking for high-impact support outside of the common agency business model. Through a combination of projects, workshops and “office-hours” consulting we scale our approach and budget to the specific needs of entrepreneurial organizations while bringing them access to SplendorNet’s expert allied services.

With decades of deep expertise, insights and talent, helping innovative start-ups grow, Launcher offers custom programming across all areas of taking a Startup from concept stage to the actual markets.

We believe start-ups benefit from tailored attention to address specific circumstances and opportunities. Our experts conduct intensive sessions focused on storytelling, concept validating and analysis of requirement of allied services.

Here are some of the many support services that Launcher comprises of

  • Concept Validation

  • Feasibility Study

  • Concept Crystallization

  • Legal Advice

  • Technology Decisions

  • Security Consultancy

  • Investments & Budgeting Consultancy

  • Solution Development

  • Marketing Planning & Services

  • Branding Consultancy

  • Accounting & Finance Consultancy

  • Funding Avenues

  • Funding Preparations Support

  • Huge pool of other vendors for various services

  • Ongoing Development & Technical Support